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Learn more about our premier cold storage solutions. 

How does this work? 

Our cold storage facility is located in Welsh, Louisiana. A convinient location located right off the interstate serving as a perfect location along the 1-10 route. Henderson Freezer Storage serves as a location where our customers can store and access products in cold storage  as they need it. Our team of inventory experts take customer orders and prepare a pallet for your pickup with your requested product type and quantity. 


How can I feel sure my product is protected? 

Peace of mind is priceless and it's important that your product is safeguarded from disaster as much as possible. Our cold storage posesses a state-of-the art surveillace system accessible from anywhere in the globe, multiple point security with alarms that alert our staff when there is a change in temperature, and backup generator hard piped to a gasoline source. All of these measures are designed to prevent problems from arising or notify you immediately. 


Why is a backup generator important? 

The team at Henderson Freezer Storage has 50+ years of expercience battling the elements and side effects of Mother Nature. As we've seen when certain weather disasters strike, loss of electricity can set back your business by weeks, even months. To mitigate this impact- we've installed a Generac Generator to get our cold storage facility operational immediately. If someone's cold storage doesn't have a generator: you will lose business at some point. This won't be the case for our customers and that is why Henderson Freezer Storage is the best fit for you. 


How do I access my product? 

Customers have access to their product in our cold storage warehouse Monday-Friday from 5:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Once a customer places an order and schedules a two hour window for pick-up, our experienced team begins preparing that order for pick-up. Once the truck arrives to our Warehouse in Welsh, LA, a quality and quantity check is completed by the customer before our expert staff loads the product into your vehicle. On site change orders are permitted and excess product is stored back in the freezer warehouse. 


By the Pallet

For those businesses looking to use a small amount of space with just one or two pallets of inventory. No matter the size, our warehouse is a perfect partner for your business expansion. 

By the Square Footage

Best for larger businesses needing to store a larger amount of product and the palette count may vary frequently. No matter the frequency of your order requests, our cold storage facility is the perfect solution for your business. 

By the Freezer 

Best for larger companies seeking to maximize their usage of our facility. Rent out the entire space for a flat rate each month  and the entire freezer will be devoted to your company's operations solely. 

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