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Ice-Cold Freezers with Warm, Friendly Service!

Convenient Cold Storage in Welsh, Louisiana

Henderson Freezer Storage offers high-quality cold storage solutions from Houston to New Orleans, catering to enterprises of all sizes. A lease requires no minimum space, with terms starting at 6-months, providing maximum flexibility to meet your business's needs.


The cold storage at Henderson Freezer Storage is located in a secure, 24-hour surveillance facility. Additionally, the freezer is connected to an automatic backup generator, and our staff members are notified 24/7 in case of any power outage. For more information about our exceptional facilities, please refer to our Service FAQ.

You may not have noticed the small town of Welsh, LA, on a map, but we are right in the middle of New Orleans and Houston. We are also close to other metropolitan areas such as Lake Charles, Lafayette, Sulphur, Beaumont, Alexandria, Baton Rouge, and more! 

Our location is directly off Interstate 10 for quick access and less downtime for your drivers. 

Inquire today about storage availability. 

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